the First of may died, the acting chief physician of the Krasnoyarsk veterans hospital Elena forgetful. On April 25, the woman fell out of the window of the 5th floor of the clinic. “Within weeks she was in intensive care, the doctors fought for her life. The family will be given all necessary assistance”, – reported on the website of the Ministry of health of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

that was the cause of the tragedy is still unknown. The authorities refuse to comment. The regional Ministry of health denied earlier published reports that the incident happened during a conference call, which was attended by the Minister and discussed the issue of conversion of one of the buildings of the hospital under the admission of patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

However, the fact that Elena not remembering argued against the accommodation of patients with coronavirus infection, the hospital confirmed earlier, the “MK”. The woman explained her decision by lack of staff and lack of protective equipment.

Recently, a version of how it all happened: Elena remembering one went up to the 5th floor, witnesses were not there. Her body was found under the Windows companies.

I knew Lena and her family, says friend of the deceased. She was easy to talk to a woman. In his spare time went to the cottage, worked in the garden. Everyone – friends, neighbors, whoever to it are not addressed. When I had a health problem, I just casually mentioned, she immediately responded, offered assistance.

a Former classmate of the deceased said: “Elena was smart, determined, fighting, always defending their opinion. She has a wonderful family – husband, two children. Always helped in any way. From childhood, she dreamed of becoming a doctor, a schoolgirl moonlighting as a nurse, took ship for the sick. For a long time held a high position in the structure of the Krasnoyarsk public health.”

the Acting chief physician of the hospital not Remembering Elena was appointed only on February 27 this year. Previously, she headed the Krasnoyarsk gorzdrav (2010 and 2013) and in 2014 was appointed head of the Department of health promotion and public-private partnership of the Ministry of health of the province.

Most hospital employees do not want to make quarrels in public: “That’s her personal problem, with the hospital not connected”. A former employee of the companies at our request looked closed group of hospital social networks: “it is Strange, there is no word about the incident. Everyone is silent. Probably afraid to discuss publicly.”

However, still found the hospital staff that agreed to talk. Previously, they complained that not all agreed to work with coronaviruses patients, as the need was to live in the hospital – many have no such opportunity. According to them, the who refused, offered to come to work and just sit in the auditorium for 8 hours. Again we turned to our sides.

– some resigned after the tragedy?

– no One quit. Work else there.

the New chief has appointed?

on Monday appointed the new chief. I allowed the press to the hospital, told the staff not to give any comments.

Many patients at the hospital with coronavirus?

-ten People like, I don’t know. I’m not working with such.

Other patients in the hospital no?

– No, the hospital is empty.

– Those employees who do not work with coronavirus patients, what are you doing?

– Come to work and just sit all day. Now all sent for the holidays. After the holidays, I’ll probably have to write an application for leave without pay. Before, people worked in shifts, and now all were told every day to serve. Failed to appear – truancy. No patients, other work we can not offer.

If there is no work that to sit there?

– you can not Leave, otherwise they will not pay. And he said – those who will sit will pay, others not.

Where were you sitting?

– In the offices. Many have already written the application for unpaid leave.

Salary small?

– Quite small. Premiums never was. You know, in other hospitals, nurses write award. Yet we’re not allowed to complain, to strike, to demand something. Bold was one of not remembering. It is because we have nothing at all worked, some two months.

About her after the tragedy at the hospital could no longer speak?

Between colleagues discussing the tragedy. All are inclined to believe that she was pushed to take this step. There is talk that she complained to someone that day that we no longer can or wants to work. There is another version. Supposedly, when it was taken away in an ambulance, she seemed to be conscious, talking, saying something like “don’t sign, I was threatened, I was forced”. Then walked rumors that allocated money to staff salaries, but then people began to send on unpaid leave. But it’s just talk, no evidence.

a Commemorative photo, the flowers in the hospital set? Maybe someone at the funeral go?

in the hospital on the wall hang pictures of doctors and heads of institutions. After the incident, the portrait of Elena Remembering quickly removed, and you’re talking flowers, the funeral.

Local reporters noticed that the website of the Ministry of health biography of Elena Remembering, too, disappeared.