Financially things are looking bad for Jasmin Herren at the moment. Willi Herren’s widow even has problems paying her rent.

Almost two years ago, pop singer Willi Herren died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. Since then, widow Jasmin Herren has had to endure difficult times. In addition to losing her great love, the 44-year-old is currently struggling with financial problems, as “Bild” reports.

Actually, Willi Herren’s wife earns money with occasional appearances on Ballermann and her work as an influencer. Nevertheless, Jasmin Herren is reaching her financial limits. Not least because the 44-year-old is supposed to pay part of her income back to the government. At the height of the pandemic, Willi and Jasmin Herren received Corona aid and earned their money with a TV production. The state now wants the 17,000 euros back.

Absolute economy mode is now the order of the day at Jasmin Herren. According to “Bild”, she should even have problems paying her rent: “Some days I don’t know how to get along”. Neither fitness nor restaurant visits are currently affordable for the 44-year-old, as she herself reveals: “I can’t afford a lot anymore, switch down a gear”.

Another significant cost is Jasmin Herren’s legal fees. She sometimes needs legal assistance to take action against alleged extortion and death threats. Only last year, the apartment of the deceased Willi Herren was broken into, as reported by RTL. There, too, Jasmin had to hire a lawyer and, as is well known, they are not exactly cheap.

Last year it seemed as if Jasmin Herren had recovered after the death of her husband. The 44-year-old even took part in the jungle camp. Her goal when she took part at the time, as she revealed to RTL: “I owed my mom between 20,000 and 30,000 euros. They have now been paid off.” Jasmin Herren is now debt-free with her mother, but all financial problems do not seem to have been solved yet The Ballermann star does not want to file for bankruptcy. Jasmin Herren is still trying to fight her way back into a carefree life and is first concentrating on her training as an event manager.

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