as for The government, the government on Saturday met with the ten political parties that have agreed to the authority of the corona virus, to fight against them. They will check to see whether the measures taken by the government is definitely, within the framework of the plenary powers to fit. A number of measures, including the postponement of taxation, or the introduction of GAS-fines of 250 euros, got the green light.

In the struggle against the corona virus was the minority government of prime minister Sophie Wilmès, special powers, and that they shall take no time before, along with the world should be.

in Addition to the three regeringpartijen, MR, Open, VLV, and the CD&V voted with the seven other parties in the PS, N-VA, SP.A, Ecological -, Green -, CDH-and Challenge. Their chairs, or, in the case of the N-VA, the kamerfractieleider – meetings each Saturday, with the regeringstop in order to determine whether the measures taken by the government is not out of the box the colors of the volmachtenwet.

Illegal-GAS-fines and penalties:

on Saturday, were nine of the KB’s on the agenda for a meeting that was an hour of time. It was, inter alia, to the postponement of the payment of taxes and social security contributions, and the possibility of postponement of payment for loans from banks. But it is also the system of standard gasboetes for violations of the coronamaatregelen was on the table in front of the superkern.

Last Friday was the National Security council’s green light for the administrative punishment, but they were still onwetttig. The GAS act stipulates that the municipalities are the only breaches of the administrative be able to subdue, are not in the federal criminal code, are also included. Examples of this are the left-behind dog waste, and other forms of pollution. However, the measures that the minister of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V) in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, in an organisation of at least decent to federal penalties. There was, first, a legal basis to be created. In principle, all the GAS, the fines for which were issued – specifically, in the city of Brussels has used the instrument extensively – is not valid.

now, the problem is now fixed. The GAS, the fines will be for 250 euros, for the citizens, and 750 euros for the traders who break the rules. In addition, they can be immediately cashed in. In comparison, regular GAS, penalties, costs are normally a maximum of € 25.

“the Sheriff and The Crm”:

of The nine, RD they were eventually given the green light, but that doesn’t mean that all of the parties all have to agree. The approval merely means that the action is within the scope of the volmachtenwet to stay.

for The past couple of days it was inside the government, some problems have arisen over the way in which the police have the respect of the coronamaatregelen checked out. Open VLD, warned by the voice of Gwendolyn Rutten for the “disproportionate” measures, such as the use of warmtedrones or kliklijnen. Also, the SP.The A-chair, Conner, Rousseau said Friday that “The Event” at home and that of his party, no powers of attorney given so that the minister of the Interior, The Crem, the sheriff might play it.”

in the Meantime, several parties, all runs are launched on the support of those who coronatijden on-the-job. A coronapremie for the human resources for health, and, possibly, also in the supermarkets or in the transportation industry to work in, or “coronaverlof for parents who work, and childcare are no longer able to combine…. these things came out on Saturday in any case shall not be dealt with.

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