film Producer Vibeke Windeløv is infected with coronaviruses – but she is confident.

“I have actually had a fever in three-four weeks, so I hope that it is about to be over,” she says, when B. T. talking with her.

She doesn’t know how she got infected, but after a stay in India and the long period of time with the fever, she was sent to the university hospital.

“I was at my doctor, who sent me to the university hospital to get a blood test is taken and røntgenfotografier. They could see there was something on my lungs, so they tested me,” says the 69 year-old film producer, who among other things has been inside of films such as ‘The bald hairdresser’ (2012), ‘the Director of it all’ (2006) and ‘Dogville’ (2003).

the Picture showed a change in the tissue, and when the test was taken, showed the result coronaviruses.

“There is not really anything to do about it. Now I just hope for the best,” she says and explains further that her temperature has dropped the past week.

Fortunately, the fear of being infected held Vibeke Windeløv inside the house. She has actually been totally isolated – just on the near the trips to the hospital.

“Because I was afraid of being infected, so I have not had the opportunity to infect others,” she says.

En B. T. asks her how it was to be cut off from the world for so long, so is the answer with the same:

“I have always been good to be alone. It is a good thing by me,” she replies and continues:

“I have never had a problem with.”

she says She spends a lot of time to read books. And so she makes the tick and the cross on his phone. The App is called Crossword.