Resistance to mass tourism continues to grow in Mallorca. At an open discussion, locals are now planning a new tactic. The protests could also be fatal for German vacationers.

Many Germans are currently planning their Mallorca vacation, whether in May (e.g. after the end of the amateur sports season) or from June, when the first federal states start their summer holidays.

But on Mallorca there is widespread resistance to the arrival and departure of tourists running smoothly. On Friday (May 17, 2024) there was a large crowd at an open round of discussions hosted by the “Menys Turisme, Més Vida” (“Less Tourism, More Life”) alliance in Sineu in the interior of the island. More than 300 people took part in the two-hour meeting, as “Mallorca Zeitung” and “Mallorca Magazin” report.

The panel discussed concrete proposals for future protests against mass tourism. A frequently expressed and very popular suggestion in the room was to concentrate the protests on tourism hotspots in order to have a greater impact. These hotspots include the airport, the port and particularly crowded places such as the Caló des Moro bay and the Es Trenc beach, which was redesigned at the beginning of the year.

Pere Joan Femenia from Fridays for Future Mallorca and Margalida Ramis from the environmental protection association GOB emphasized the need to mobilize as many activists as possible. Her goal is to attract “at least 3,000” people to the movement.

An attempt should also be made to involve the unions so that people working in tourism also take part in the protests. Among the specific proposals discussed was the idea of ​​extending the planned actions to a “fight week” with a specific motto.

A particular focus was on the discussion about Mallorca airport. One suggestion was to bring about a traffic collapse through a targeted campaign using cars.

In order to avoid legal problems such as fines or arrests, the establishment of a group of lawyers to provide support and advice was called for. The possibility of setting up a donation account to ensure financial support for the protests was also discussed.

The first summer holidays in Germany begin at the end of June in Thuringia and Saxony (on June 20th each), and four days later Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt start their longest school holidays of the year.

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By Klara Indernach (KI)

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