Notice to those interested, the Enfants Terribles are celebrating their birthday these days, and it looks promising. Take out your diaries, lovers of good bistro food, it’s outside that it’s happening, and you’ll be served.

The festivities begin on Tuesday, May 23, for a festive happy hour on rue Bernard, a pedestrian zone all summer long. Everything continues in the various branches.

Bulk: On June 1, the party moves to the Laval terrace, for a festive lobster-themed lunch; the 2, aperitif on the terrace of the 46th floor of Place Ville Marie; the 9th, inauguration of the Brossard terrace, from 6 p.m.; on the 10th, Magog’s turn to celebrate on the terrace, always from 6 p.m.; then on the 15th, picnic at L’Île-des-Sœurs at lunchtime.

Animations, collaborations, DJs and live artists included.