Football will coronakrisen be more inclusive, social and supportive, believe Gianni Infantino.

It will be a completely different world football, who are left, when we are on the other side of the coronakrisen.

so says Gianni Infantino, the president of The International Football federation (Fifa).

– Football is coming back, and when it happens we will celebrate it to get out of a nightmare together, he says to the Italian news agency Ansa, according to Reuters.

– however, There is one thing we must understand. The football, that will come after the virus, will be completely different. More inclusive, more social, more supportive and connected to the various countries and at the same time more global, less arrogant and more approachable.

last week said the Infantino to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport that the current fodboldpause provides the opportunity to take a step back and reform the sport.

Kampprogrammer becomes more and more filled, and the financial resources is increasingly concentrated in a few of the clubs accounts, said the Fifa president.

He put in the interview up to that, in future, be able to get fewer, “but the more interesting tournaments” and fewer, but more equal matches, in order to take better care of the players ‘ health.

All international top football has been put on pause since the beginning of march.