Begijnendijk –

In case of an accident Sunday afternoon in Betekom is a 67-year-old woman, lost their lives. She and her husband are on the road as they are on the road and were hit by a car.

In Begijnendijk on Sunday, a 67-year-old fietsster died after a collision with a car on the road. The man made a negative breath test, ex. This confirms the public prosecutor’s office in Leuven, which is on the ground.

The victim was about 13 hours, get hit by a car, in the Pastor Pitetlaan in Betekom, district of Vlaams-Brabant, Begijnendijk. The woman from the Begijnendijk ride on a bike path to the sports hall. She is an on-the-spot death.

The driver of the car, a 43-year-old from Begijnendijk, presented a negative breath test, ex. A speekseltest could not be taken away. A blood test to the lab to see if he was possibly under the influence of drugs in the van.

The public prosecutor’s office in Leuven and sent to a verkeersdeskundige, in the lab, and as a law doctor on the spot.