Crowley-family is going right now through a very tough period.

For Thursday went Fie Laursens grandfather away, after he a few days ago was suddenly hospitalized. In the first place with a blood clot which he got over, but during the process he was tested positive for the coronavirus.

“My grandfather was the nicest man. Always cocky. He survived a blood clot, but then came the corona, and then he came first in a coma because of the virus. And then we lost him today (Thursday, ed.). He died of the terrible virus,” says a concerned Fie Laursen for B. T.

Something that hits even more at this time, where there are so many restrictions. It has also had consequences for the family, which in the last time could not visit him.

“It’s a tough time, where nothing goes as it should and as it normally would. We had not visited him and said goodbye. We get him not to look in his coffin, as you normally would. We don’t get to say good-bye,” says Fie Laursen, who is a blogger and tv exposure.

Her grandfather was 83 years old, and he is the other grandparent, she has lost in a very short time.

last week died her grandmother after a long illness, and for the three years since the death of her grandfather, who had been ill for a longer period of time.

“I now have a back, which I will take care and appreciate all my time with. Time is something I have taken for granted. It is a really tough time for the family. But we keep together,” says Fie Laursen.

She told herself on her social media for four days ago, that her grandfather had been hospitalized in isolation. On Wednesday, she could saw in a video on YouTube to tell you that unfortunately it doesn’t went the way the family had hoped.

Already here, they had got the sad message that the paternal grandfather, who had moved to residential care, would not survive the disease, she told very openly.

And there is a reason she has shared farfarens illness and death, its followers and the rest of Denmark.

“I hope it’s that I articulate lose my grandfather to the coronavirus, raising the seriousness of the young people, so that they do not also lose their grandparents,” says Fie Laursen.