Recall that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 international championship KHL with the participation of teams from Russia, Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Latvia were interrupted after the completion of all without exception of the series 1/8 finals of the Gagarin Cup, or after the quarter-finals of the playoffs of the Eastern and Western conferences. In the octet the best teams were: West – CSKA, SKA (St.-Petersburg), “Jokerit” (Helsinki, Finland), Dinamo (Moscow) in the East – “AK bars” (Kazan), “Barys” (Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan), “Siberia” (Novosibirsk) and “Salavat Yulaev” (Ufa). In its decision, FHR, long-term contract in the KHL delegated the right to host the championship of Russia in the framework of the League, quite rightly, considered comprehensively and the results of the starting stage of the playoffs, and the final standings in the regular championship KHL. And here’s the situation (the clubs have played 62 matches): CSKA – 94 points, “AK the leopard” and SKA – 93, “Jokerit” and “Barys” – 84 “Dynamo” (Moscow) – 82, well, then it is fundamental to determine the champion and prize winners is irrelevant.

of Course, from a purely Russian classification “Jokerit” and “Barys” are discarded, CSKA recognized as the champion and will receive the “gold”, “silver” will hand caught along “AK the Leopard” and SKA, “bronze” goes to the capital of the Dynamo.

the FHR did what never was able to make the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), but there is still “regular season”, the same international United League was not completed: our Federation of hockey with puck decided to determine the winners of the Championships, Championships and all-Russian competitions on hockey in the best interests of the athletes themselves. This classification will allow players to sports titles, will ensure continuity in tournaments. Teams and players have fought all season to achieve maximum result, their diligence and efforts should be appreciated.

it is Important to note that each club has sponsors, and they still have to know in whom they invest their money which in the end result, what is the impact. So the published FHR classification of the championship of Russia 2019/20 essential to the definition of the financing teams for the next season 2020/21.

the question May arise, why and SKA and Kazan “AK Bars” will be awarded the silver award. The answer is simple, in FHR do wisely. These teams were in different conferences, with different opponents held a different number of matches. These competitors are the same indicators for all key statistical categories, except the difference of scored and conceded goals, which is better than the SKA, and the number of wins in regulation time – it is higher among representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Here’s how commented on the decision of one of our key and leading national federations in the formm sport, the President of the FHR in the past legendary goalkeeper of the USSR national team and CSKA, three-time Olympic champion Vladislav Tretyak

– the ice hockey Federation of Russia took a decision to declare the champion and medalists of the championship of Russia. As you know, the tournament in the KHL was not completed because of the pandemic, and major League trophy, the Gagarin Cup was not played. But the season-2019/20 will not go down in the history of our hockey, both lost, because the players fought, gave their all on the ice, the fans were rooting for their teams, clubs popularized our sport. The season will be champion – CSKA Moscow and runners – SKA, “AK bars” and Moscow “Dynamo”. We carefully worked through the various options for the allocation of seats. Selected – consistent with the principle of sports equity, includes all the features of the last unfinished season. In his calculation undertakes not only the regular season, but the main part of the season – the playoffs. And, although tournament elimination was not completed, it is in matches on a departure of the clubs most fully reveal their potential. SKA – “AK bars” tied for second place, as they have almost identical statistics. The total number of points, victories, defeats – are the same. In personal meetings also equality. Differs only in the difference of goals and number of wins in regulation time. We have long thought, what to do, and decided to give the two clubs the second place.

At the Russian season 2019/20 in ice hockey can be considered completed.

1. CSKA. 2. “AK bars” (Kazan), SKA (St.-Petersburg). 3. “Dynamo” (Moscow). 4 “Siberia” (Novosibirsk). 5. “Salavat Yulaev” (Ufa). 6. Avangard (Omsk region). 7. Avtomobilist (Yekaterinburg). 8. “Spartak” (Moscow). 9. “The Locomotive” (Yaroslavl). 10. Metallurg (Magnitogorsk). 11. Vityaz (Moscow region). 12. “Torpedo” (Nizhny Novgorod). 13. “Neftekhimik” (Nizhnekamsk). 14. “The Cupid” (Khabarovsk). 15. HC “Sochi” . 16. “Severstal” (Cherepovets). 17. “The Tractor” (Chelyabinsk). 18. “Admiral” (Vladivostok).