The number of building permits granted in Belgium in the past year, fell 4.8 per cent to 27.477 so, as of Tuesday, according to the numbers from Statbel. It is, however, still have to put it on one of the busiest year of the decade, in 2018, was an absolute record year with 28.853 building in the country.

in Particular, in Flanders, and was there last year, a sharp decline of 6.5 per cent to 20.655 building. But it is also the second-highest number since 2010. In Brussels, over the past year, only 139 building permits were issued, a record low, and more than 12 per cent, less than in the previous year.

Only in Wallonia, there was in the previous year, a slight increase: +1.1%, to 6.683 permits.

The trendwijziging that by 2018, supported, and in which there are larger numbers of licences for woningnieuwbouw for renovations, which were paid out last year to re-home. In 2019, there were more permits for renovation projects than for new construction, provided, however, the difference is small, to find Statbel on it. The trend is for more apartments to build single-family homes set on the other hand, in general. The difference is only getting bigger, according to Statbel.

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