“Trial” festival debuts in authentic St. Petersburg’s New Holland was held last year, “RG” covered his work. Even then, the festival managed to get their audiences (in three days it was visited by 55 thousand people). Fans will be able to evaluate the fact that this year the contests are short and full meters will remain in full. While the international jury will estimate works of participants remotely, the winners will be announced online and will receive the announced prizes. All the money from watching movies online will be used to help homeless people in the charitable organization “Nochlezhka”.

the Team of the festival President Alexander Rodnyansky, program Director Alexey Artamonov (by the way, he this year entered into jury of competition of short films festival “Kinotavr” Andrey Kartashov – oversees New Holland program of short films.

the competition and the full short film will premiere in Russia, film screenings parties to large international festivals such as Sundance, film festival in Locarno, Rotterdam, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand, as well as two world premieres: the debut full meter Sasha Voronova, “Mom, I made friends with the ghosts” produced by the Studio Stereotactic and documentary short film Valentina Beck “News from the other world”, dedicated to the writer Yuri Mamleev and his wife, Mary Mamleeva. In the contest feature involved nine paintings from China, Colombia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Canada and the US, including the film made by the representative of the native American language Chinuk-Wawa. In the competition of short films – 24 films, including documentaries, experimental and feature work.

Nine of the films included in main competition: “MC Slavik 7”, directed by Sophia B. and der Campbell (Canada, 2019); “Roslan” – CSKA Ivanishin, Slovenia (Czech Republic, 2019); “Ducts” – Camilo Restrepo (France, Colombia, Brazil, 2020); “white on White” – Theo Court (Spain, Chile, France, Germany, 2019); “Mom, I made friends with the ghosts” – Sasha Voronov (Russia, 2020); “Slow machine” – Paul Felten, Joe Denardo (USA, 2020); “Giraffe” – Anna Sofie Hartmann (Germany, Denmark, 2019); “Malyn – to the ocean to the shore” – sky Hopinka (USA, 2020); “a Cloud in her room” – Zhang Lu XINYUAN ( Hong Kong, China, 2020).

And about the program of the festival want to bring the words of his program Director Alexey Artamonov has shared on his page in social network Facebook. He promises that viewers will see “two totally unique Russian film: the feature film debut of another prominent theater Director and playwright Andrei Stadnikova “Danton’s Death” – a great honor for us to host its world premiere – and a crazy, beautiful, no similar “Life Gorislava Alien��emnogo” captured without any institutional support or production team of artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg.”

Artamonov also announces that “there is still offline screenings in St Petersburg, which will be entirely Russian and St. Petersburg premiere, in my opinion, the best major festival of films and partially informed. And demonstrations in Moscow, where, among other things, the program “Inventing the future”, mainly composed of films of relevance to modern philosophy and its important actors. But all this we will tell gradually, gradually spreading information on our new website…”

Two of the jury, as already mentioned, will work at the festival. The jury of the full-length this year included Directors Philip Groening (Germany), Bakur Bakuradze (Russia) and Isabella stopped here late Monday night (Sweden), producer of Thanassis Karathanos (Germany), festival Director Shefield Doc/Fest Cynthia Lived (Portugal). The short film will be judged by filmmaker andrés Duque (Spain), film critic Carmen gray (Germany), videohudozhnitsa Polina Kanis (Russia) and theater Director Dmitry Volkostrelov (Russia). The festival has a special programme “Films jury.” These paintings will only be available on the platform from 14 to 28 August. It’s such tapes, as “IKE” (2018), directed by Sergei Dvortsevoy, “Brother Deyang” (2015) – Bakur Bakuradze, “the Great silence” (2005) – Philip gröning, “Karelia: international memorial” (2019) – andrés Duque, “Change” (2016) – Polina Kanis, “Soldier” (2011) – Dmitry Volkostrelov.

the Prizes have monetary value. The feature film competition Grand Prix for 15,000 euros, and the jury prize of 10,000 euros. In short – three equal prizes of 5,000 euros.