Ferrari says that the decision to move the 2021er regulations a year, is likely to have been to their own disadvantage. But you did it for the good of formula 1.

“If you look at rides the current base [of the vehicle], and the findings from the test, we’ll probably have no advantage with this choice”, says team boss Mattia Binotto to ‘Sky Italia’. “It was not an easy decision, but she had to be taken. There are special times and it is a Signal the reason for the future.”

The season of 2021 will be denied with the vehicles of 2020. It is still unclear what is allowed to change the Teams over the coming Winter. Finally, Teams to bring regular Updates to its existing vehicles.

“The rules remain the same, but there will be opportunities for aerodynamic development. We need to define in more Detail. Currently we are talking with team representatives and the FIA in order to understand what is frozen and what is to be released for development. But we want to keep the DNA of formula 1, the [technical] competition.”

After the Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the formula 1 calendar in 2020, on the heap, and the formula 1 Teams have to fear large financial losses in the season 2020 (including the less price – and sponsorship) were adopted by the top drastic measures.

The current Generation of vehicles will travel in 2021, the new rules are postponed to 2022. The means for Teams that have contributed to the development of the 2020’s, cars no good work, possibly the loss of two seasons, should it come to a season in 2020. And the Ferrari SF1000 looked at the test rides anything other than strong.

Ferrari would be in Melbourne, not taken

Binotto confirmed that a Team not in the race would be started after a McLaren team member in Melbourne has been positively on COVID-19 tested.

“Our Position is absolutely clear. We have not participated in the race weekend, if it had taken place, to ensure the safety of its team members,” he says. “We have already let in the night [on Friday], Charles [Leclerc] and Seb [astian Vettel] know that they can fly home.”

This article was written by Heiko Stritzke, Co-author: Roberto Chinchero

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