Ivan Urgant, Sasha Novikov, Feduk

Recent guests of the show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel in the past season were 26-year-old founder of a website about healthy living How To, Green, the daughter of restaurateur Arkady Novikov, Sasha, and 28-year-old hip-hop artist Fedor Insarov, acting under the pseudonym Feduk. Last year, the pair stopped to hide their relationship from the public — the lovers began to appear in front of cameras together and share pictures in social networks, but giving an interview is not hurried. And in the “Evening Urgant” agreed to tell the story of his acquaintance and relations.
We met in the store. I chose my brother a gift. And he (Feduk. — Approx. ed.) took my little gift,— I remembered my first meeting with her future boyfriend Sasha.

Ivan Urgant, Sasha Novikov, Feduk

it Turned out that they both laid eyes on one and the same thing in the store. At the cash register Novikova learned popular rapper.

I have heard and seen a girl who speaks English. I did not understand what she wanted to buy a t-shirt that I bought… I didn’t know at the moment who is Sasha. Then he asked the cashier, who is this beautiful girl. In the end, just found out her name and later found in instagram— Fedor shared his memories of the beginning of the novel.

Feduk and Sasha Novikova

Ivan Urgant asked his guests, as Arkady Novikov responded to relations of his daughter with the rapper?
I told my parents today to visit us coming rapper Fyodor Feduk. And dad said, “Sasha, do you not understand? What rapper? Touring, partying… Why do you need this?”, and then he met Fyodor and understood everything,— said Sasha.

Sasha Novikova with parents

the couple maturing and strengthening — Sasha influenced culinary preferences Fedi, with the result that he gradually switched completely to healthy foods and learned to cook.
He prepares the sandwiches cool. I called it a sandwich-boy told Novikov about the crown dish of her lover.

share Hobbies Fyodor and Sasha is mutual. Novikov admitted that Feduk consults with her when he writes new songs, and recording one of them, she was directly involved.
quarantined he made his Studio. And when I passed by, he asked me to write a piece in his song — to say the awful words in English,— said Sasha.