During the quarantine, because of the coronavirus politicians will not be able to leave the country, and therefore figure out what to do with myself on vacation. State Duma deputies and members of the government told the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about where and how to spend their free time.

The head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov your planning a short vacation to spend at home — in the Oryol region. “I’ll go say hi — will help the bees, they’re honey are. Ah, there is the buckwheat blossoms, lime-tree, good honey plants! Well, relatives will come to visit”, — told about plans for the off-the main Communist of the country.

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky is going to the sea. According to him, he was tired of “troughs”-pools in suburban areas. He plans to take the plane to Eisk, then travel along the coast. “And then in the boarding house “Aivazovsky” in Crimea. To hear the sound of the sea, fish soup to eat right on the beach — the bucket, the fish was very white, and there’s onion and greens, all that is necessary” — dreams about the rest of Zhirinovsky.

Colleague Zhirinovsky and Zyuganov in the state Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya didn’t even think twice about the destination. “On the Crimean beaches will sunbathe and swim in the sea. Me in the baseball cap, with glasses, with a ponytail on her head, few people know,” — said the Deputy. In her vacation plans to swim with dolphins and conversations with family members in the gazebo in the backyard of his parent’s house. State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov has planned to go to Chechnya for kebabs and mushrooms in “bear forest” in the Kuzbass. “There are forests, where it is easier to meet a bear than a man,” — said the MP.

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin refused to leave. The rest of the summer he will spend in the workplace, said a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Belyakov. Earlier Mishustin said that members of the government sometimes work around the clock. “All in good time,” he said.

Will you go on vacation this summer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, is unknown. Recently his spokesman said that while the plans of the head of state on “short-term and medium-term working perspectives intense.” He also noted that Vladimir Putin always keeps in touch. The Kremlin recalled that Putin may take two or three days to spend time in nature in Siberia and the Urals.