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There has been a tremendous growth in the laid off and unemployed after the government introduced a series of strict measures to limit the koronasmitten. Norway has gone from having unemployment at historically low levels, to 15.4 per cent of the workforce is registered as unemployed.

– It makes the very impression that we are in the biggest ledighetssituasjonen since the second world war, says prime minister Erna Solberg.

Tuesday was 291.000 persons registered as unemployed with Nav. In addition, there were 129.000 registered as partly unemployed.

Sykdomsfravær with proven or suspected korona35 526 total221 new in gårGraf from 8. marsOppdatert 8. aprilArbeidsledighet Completely available in norge291 055 total9 579 fewer last ukeGraf from 3. marsOppdatert 7. aprilDagpenger by permittering Submitted søknader328 933 total4 221 new in gårGraf from 9. marsOppdatert 8. aprilKilde: Nav – Difficult to get jobs

the Unemployment rate is clearly a maximum for those between 20 and 24 years, with an unemployment rate of 16.7 per cent per 7. april, according to the Register numbers.

the Prime minister says she is so afraid of them that are over 50 years, where the unemployment rate was at 7.6 per cent for those between 50 and 60 and 7.6 per cent for those over 60.

Each and every round we have had with the high levels of unemployment have resulted in the fact that some do not come back to work again. It has been generally well adults who have retired earlier than they might have desired, ” says Solberg.

WORRIED about: past the jump in the unemployment rate has the older guard had the most problems with getting back into work. It worries prime minister Erna Solberg.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix also Read: Such frames koronaviruset the Norwegian economy – a Good reason to worry

There is good reason to be concerned about older workers who lose their jobs because of koronakrisen. It says Steinar Holden, who is the director of the Economic institute at the University of Oslo.

– It becomes more difficult to get a job the older you are. So there is good reason to worry about older workers who lose their jobs because of koronakrisen. Especially if this is prolonged.

SHARE the VIEW: Økonomiprofessor Steinar Holden pulls out the oldest and youngest vulnerable, when it comes to the possibilities to come back after periods of high unemployment.

Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Holden draws forth also the youngest are vulnerable to not getting back in the workplace. Solberg says that it is the group that the government should be working the hardest to prevent that they fall out of the labour market.

The young, I have great faith that we shall have a good action on to back and out again in the workplace, ” says the prime minister.

But I think that the challenge can be that there are too many who think that “now I’m going to retire me” , and “we don’t all hands forward”, and that more adults end up with to go out of the workplace.

Serious consequences

Holden was the leader of the ekspertutvalget that have looked at the economic consequences of the measures against koronaviruset. He says it is as expected that the unemployment rate increases dramatically with the powerful efforts that have been made.

– the Government has introduced comprehensive compensation, but if the measures lasting over a long time, it will nevertheless have serious consequences for some businesses and some workers.

unemployment rate includes those who have applied for unemployment benefits because of permitteringer. It gives the prime minister the hope.

– It means that they hopefully can get back to the job. But it is also dependent on all the other measures we have done that costs a lot of money of the state budget, and that the markets pick up.

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