Kevin Magnussen render most likely around in Denmark and miss running races.

But when the deprivation dissipates as coronavirussen holds the Formula 1 closed, should the Danish racing driver, according to Ralf Schumacher might start to worry.

“When it comes to cash flow, I think, of course, on Williams, and I don’t know how it will be for Haas. They are the first in danger, of course,” evaluates the former Formula 1-driving on the German Sky.

Haas is one of the Formula 1 field’s smallest teams and the us team is therefore relatively dependent on the money, as the races generate for the different teams. With the Formula 1-start postponed to no earlier than 14. June in Canada will therefore go several months without grandprixer.

And it is here, Ralf Schumacher are very concerned about the small teams like Haas at all can survive.

In other words: If Kevin Magnussen an employer, when the season finally kicks off.

Ralf Schumacher are not only concerned about the big companies with a Formula 1 team. He is afraid that the thousands of people employed in and around the Formula 1 may lose their jobs because of the corona-crisis.

“We are talking about thousands of employees, which means that thousands of families must try to make ends meet in these difficult times,” says the former Formula 1 running.

In several other sports the world over have seen athletes give up percentages of their pay, but the trend has not yet reached Formula 1. In this context, given that, especially against world champion Lewis Hamilton, who is estimated to earn in the region of 330 million dollars per year.

“He has good options to do something. It would certainly be a signal that they are also doing something,” says Ralf Schumacher to the idea of pay cuts among the drivers.

What’s going to happen in the Formula 1 season, many waiting in excitement. But there must, then, first, just better control of the corona-the infection before it can be closed up more for the various communities.

And so far it’s called the new start date for the Formula 1 therefore 14. June. So the time will show whether each of the 10 Formula 1 teams have come through the corona-the crisis.