they are called Syngenta, gate group, Eterna, Bally or Sigg: These pearls of the Swiss economy were devoured by the Chinese dragon in the last few years, greedy. Parts of the Swiss policy of watching the development with concern. For years, the Parliament discussed about ways and means to control the Acquisition of local companies by foreign companies, sharper – in which “foreign companies” may be translated with “potent Chinese state corporations”.

two weeks Ago, the business Commission of the Council of States for a procedural request of the Valais MP Beat Rieder (56, CVP). This suggests that to create an authority, the foreign investment in great style under the microscope and to Not under should bind to. The chances are good that the Council of States of your Commission is to follow in the summer session. The Stöckli would put the state government in the way. This has, in fact, put up quite a fight so far against such a suggestion.

CVP-Ständerat Isidor Baumann (63, UR), says: “I am optimistic that we will achieve a majority in favour of a protection of the Swiss companies.” The SP has indicated in a position paper, a control authority. It will, however, depend on the Majority after the elections, whether the national Council also comes to this conclusion.

No Consensus in the SVP

The FDP is opposed to a control instance skeptical, and the largest party, the SVP, a separate authority is necessary, such as the national Council Thomas Matt (53, ZH). Instead, the policy is to prevent Emergency Acquisitions.

The SVP wanted to turn publishing back in February, a position paper with the pithy title, “No sellout of our homeland”. The national Council Matt outlines to Sunday view of the thrust of the paper: “The SVP proposes a list of Swiss companies, their Takeover of the Federal Council and the Parliament considered and approved.” As examples, he cites infrastructure companies, or the Swisscom – where the state is involved in here today significantly. But, according to Matt, “it could be in the future that Swisscom is majority owned by the state”. However, the position paper of the SVP are still awaiting it. In the group there is not in all points agree.