question: Who would have thought four weeks ago that we could experience an upheaval that puts everything Seen before so rapidly and dramatically on the head? A SARS Virus spreading across the Globe and also in Europe to a high number of deaths especially among the Elderly, many Sufferers, and immense economic damage leads? That we get to do it with a pandemic that threatens our critical infrastructure?

answer: The Federal government. In a scenario, you played through it already at the beginning of 2013, this constellation. Read in the direction of the “report on the risk analysis in civil protection 2012”, Bundestag printed paper 17/12051. Against this Background, it is remarkable that the government now wants to proceed with emergency measures to works that addressed anything other than the target, let alone appear to be feasible.

About the author

Wolfgang Kubicki, Vice-President of the Bundestag and Deputy Federal Chairman of the FDP is. He is a trained economist and lawyer.

“We just try to cope with the rules of a normal operation, there is a crisis,”

in Principle, it is perfectly true that the state intervenes in times of crisis more strongly, in order to secure the career prospects of millions of people and lead to hundreds of thousands of businesses as well as possible through this economic disaster. It should be provided according to the will of the Federal government billion for short-term liquidity of small entrepreneurs, for an unlimited loan program or for state guarantees for medium-sized and large companies. We are changing but not at the same time the corresponding regulations in the case of banks, comes from the many money not much in the way Concerned. Because we are just trying to cope with the rules of the normal operation, a crisis that is not overcome with our current procedures.

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we are in the familiar processes, we Mr the huge amount of problem. As soon as the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau or the regional development banks, together with application forms in a hundred thousand – to be filled up to a million times the number of drops, the hope of many entrepreneurs to a quick approval to zero. Even if the forms were to be completed only one-sided, would not sift through the sheer amount of applications in the short term, sufficient to. Especially in the case of smaller companies, a few days can be vital for survival.

Many companies could go bankrupt – even though sufficient financial resources

available in Addition, many Bank employees because of the large risk of Infection in the home office. In principle, this would actually be a problem. From home you not be able to edit but the loan applications carefully enough. The many documentation requirements that existed before the crisis of meaning in prison, appear today as an obstacle. Thus, verbal agreements would be purely remote impossible. All actions of the banking supervision and the attorney for the float because of the infidelity risk. Currently, a conversation is necessary in many cases. This should remain so, noise many companies into insolvency – and a lot of people in the unemployment. And this, even though sufficient funds were provided.

We are currently trying to distribute billions of cubic meters of water from a fire pond through a garden hose on a forest fire.

special housing allowance instead of delayed repayment of rent arrears

It also shows a questionable approach, the shift due to Corona problems just go somewhere else to. With the planned Changes to the tenancy law, for example, landlords may not terminate the tenancy, if the tenant due to Corona, his rent is due between the 1. April 2020, and 30. September 2020 has not paid. Whether the landlord can not bypass its own loans may be six months, so simply disregarded.

in Addition, the tenant must have accrued rent arrears up to 30. September 2022 (!) pay back. An interest-free loan at the expense of the landlord. That, in case of a loss of rent of the real estate objects to be measured with fatal consequences for its owner, seems to be of interest to anyone. Accounting and commercial law, the domain of this government is not likely. Would be better if state aid would be provided in the Form of a special housing allowance. No one should lose because of the Virus to its apartment, and the contracted services could be maintained.

The official Thinking is that it is unable to change his behavior

Perhaps a modified angle of view would be more helpful to combat the crisis. With the many billions that are now provided, it is not money that the Federal government granted to the company, employers and employees generously””. Rather, it is money, which has been developed by the company, employers and employees themselves in the past or in the future will develop, and the state as tax payments.

Against this Background, the way would be via a “negative income tax” is much more appropriate. Hereby, the tax payments of the last year could be paid via the tax office, back – capped, for example, at 200,000 Euro, at the end of this year, a top settlement of losses this year, with the Win of the last year. The advantage would be: instant liquidity, not a bureaucratic application and approval process, and no Congestion in the regulatory capacity.

The citizens have been imposed in the past few days, the side of the state with massive restrictions on freedom. These were also followed, mostly with enormous solidarity, because the people knew that a crisis requires changes in behaviour. At the same time, the question of why the government Think is not to this change in behaviour is capable of that. This is because, with the bureaucratic agents of yesterday, the crisis of today can not cope.

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