The FDP presses on the Tube: After last Friday, the color was off and the President of Petra Gössi (43) liberal successfully a green coat of paint has missed, there is now a tube of sun cream.

The liberals want to protect the Swiss against the glowing sun and spread in about two dozen cities sun cream. “So you no red will,” written on the tubes. But that’s only a sun is of course not meant to be a fire – there is also a side-swipe at the SP.

“In the FDP you’re not red, but brown”

In the social media, reap the liberals for this word game more ridicule. “In the case of the FDP, you’re not red, but brown,” writes a Userin. And another says: “That just shows how green you are behind the ears.”.

Hopefully, the FDP is angry, therefore, not black. Finally, the liberals just want the Swiss blue choose. This is finally the color of the lesser extent, the free. Although the distribution of liquor would probably be expedient, in order to stay in the word game. (pro only)