played Only four rounds, and yet, it comes today to very much. Especially for the FCZ, the two points on the table at the end.

You stand there, where you’ve earned it, says FCZ coach Ludovic Magnin. Even if he is the greatest with the performances of his team 1:3 in Sion, and the 2:2 against Xamax part was satisfied. “It is important that we see what we are all good. But we can buy us nothing. We are not allowed to talk about the Situation. The fact is: We have to get nine goals against, so much to a lot of mistakes made.”

it is also a fact that the game against St. Gallen is of great importance. An “immensely important game,” call it a Magnin.

The false start has him. “I sleep less than usual, and doing me many thoughts. This is normal, I have a responsible Job in a great club. And we are in a very dangerous Situation.”

Magnin white: “Every defeat makes me more at risk. But I’m not even concerned with. I am convinced by the team and the Staff, and that gives me the necessary peace and Serenity.”

Magnin convinced

The FCZ coach is so convinced that he does not want to move away from his philosophy of the game. Prefer possession football than defending, and long balls to operate. “I know the Totomat history, I may be stubborn, but I am convinced that we will come this way down there to get out.”

will not Win the FCZ today is starting even worse than the GC in the last season – the eventual Losers had at that time, after five Games, with four points. And the FCZ had counter 2015/16 after a five-Play, five – relegated he is still. Clearly the Fans are afraid of a similar scenario. If you listen to the Trainer of today’s opponent, Peter Zeidler, then this will not happen. “Mimoun Mahi is a great player. Popovic, of the six, is also strong. Schönbächler is currently experiencing its second spring. This gives a good and intense game.”

has spent a good Magnin, the last night is uncertain. Sleep means he needs no. “I have a certain amount of experience. I was buried as a player already couple of times and then I opened the grave again. I know the business.”