First of all I’ll go into the forest and run. And I’m going to enjoy it!”

Nuremberg defense man Enrico Valentini (31) has anxiously awaited as all the other FCN-professionals the end of the home quarantine. But probably none of the Team suffers so much from the consequences of the Virus’ as he is.

Valentini played in the youth for the 1. FC nürnberg photo: Imago

The German-Italian: “I don’t think straight at all at football. The way everything is so far.“ To present the news from the home of his parents. In Italy, the Virus rages known to be one of the Worst (about 7000 Dead).
Valentini: “The charged very. Especially if you watch the Italian news. This is all very, very depressing when you see what it looks like in Bergamo or Brescia.“
His family comes from Ridotti, a small village (1200 inhabitants) in the Abruzzo region. There the situation is not quite so dramatic. Ensure Valentini (in Nuremberg-born) makes the people in the homeland of his ancestors, nevertheless: “thank God it’s lightly. I have now heard but yesterday and the day before yesterday, of one, two cases in our proximity. That’s why I hope and pray that it comes to us, because there are very many old people.“