him, it is in these days particularly!

Florian Klausner (38) is as an athletics Coach of the
1. FC Nürnberg responsible for the Fitness of the players. In the days of the Corona pandemic, and especially after two weeks of in-home quarantine anything other than easy. With IMAGE Klausner spoke about his Job.

IMAGE: have you ever been more important to the Club?

Florian Klausner: None of us take the important or more important than the other. What is true is that the player can currently only work in the athletic area.“

Klausner (in Black) is the owner of the football teacher license, photo: Bernd Müller

IMAGE: Was your Job ever more difficult?

hermit: “It’s a new Situation. The tricky part is that we don’t know currently, when it goes. In the normal case, you are working to a deadline. This is finally not possible. Now it is our task to make the players for the beginning of may fit. Perhaps what will change, but it also once again. So we have to keep the Fitness level of the guys constantly on a high Level.“

IMAGE: When re-played, when you would have to start at the latest with the team training, then to be 100% fit?

hermit: “Finally, you can’t say that. Not every Athlete is the same. Well about three weeks of Training would be on the Ball.“

IMAGE: How many kilometers the number of players per day on treadmill and Ergometer for?

hermit: “The focus is not on the total running distance. More important is that the boys come back to their High-Speed distances. For the football is extremely important Sprints were not able to make it two weeks. Now you can back out and the liveliness back.“