FC Midtjylland risikostyrer out that the club don’t get paid instalments for transfers to the time in the coronakrisen.

Coronakrisen framework of the world of football financially very hard, and it will probably be felt for a long time down through the food chain in the european leagues.

It assesses the FC Midtjylland director Claus Steinlein in the Politiken newspaper on Sunday.

Here he tells that the FCM has big claims for some of the club’s big sale, and you feel compelled to relate to the last instalments do not fall for the time.

– The major challenge in Nsw is that we have a lot of money in football clubs around Europe for the many players we have sold in recent years. Therefore, installments.

– It is different from transfer to transfer, how many laps we get the money in, but typically it is the case that the larger the amount is, the more installments are there. We have over 50 million dollars to the good.

– Right now, the situation is just so uncertain that we need to risikostyre out from a scenario that we can’t be sure to get them on time, says Claus Steinlein.

He fears that the transfer market will go in the stand, when Europe’s big clubs economically in the knees, and it will hit the premier League further down in the system.

– Denmark has a league, who makes a living by selling football players. If the FCK can’t sell players, they can’t buy Mikkel Kaufmann of AaB and AaB not sell Kaufmann, they can’t buy, what they now buy, and they can not develop what they need.

So when the money finish, also in the top of the system as it is now, closes the transfer market and possibly in. In a while, the demand has been greater than the supply, but I think that it will be the other way now, ” says Steinlein.

the League is suspended indefinitely. With two rounds left of the base game leads the FCM the league with 12 points down to FC Copenhagen in second place.