In Basel, you call Zbinden Ruedi (60) affectionately called “Caipirinha-Ruedi”. Because he has become as a long-time chief scout to South America specialists. And there in the past few decades, countless Top players and has unearthed. Coincidence is it not, therefore, that Zbinden was in his first transfer window as head of sports, again in South America find.

Central defender Omar Alderete comes from the Argentine first division club Huracan and is here to stay for the start of the season in the defence of the Bebbi. A mere 1.6 million Swiss francs cost of the Paraguayans. He plays as in the past, it will explode, its market value soon. “Omar, I see in the Buenos Aires play, the atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying, but he has not calm,” says Zbinden. Also, when FCB Alderete worked from the beginning. “He plays as if he’s been around for years. He is a Prime example. There is rarely, usually players from South America need more acclimatization time.”

Cabral, for example, the Zbinden from the Brazilian champion Palmeiras repeated, is only at “about 60 percent of its capacity”. It sounds like a threat – because Cabral scored in his first four Games for the FCB already had three hits. Why a Brazilian U23 national team player comes to the FCB? Zbinden: “Because he wanted it. He could also have been to Russia, Portugal or Saudi Arabia, but he chose Basel because the total agreed package.” Cabrals loan contract runs until the end of the season, Basel has an option to purchase.

“It was also a bit of luck,”

A similar contract of the currently ailing Eric Ramires has. Also he’s Brazilian, he, too, is a gem. “Tens of Top European clubs were Zbinden on him”, so. Ramires’ club Bahia, but insisted to the last on a transfer fee of around 10 million Swiss francs for the Central midfielder. Because the clubs do not want to pay to get Zbinden, shortly before the transfer deadline, makes the Leihwechsel to Basel clear. “There’s also a bit of luck was there,” says the head of sports to be modest.

Nothing to do with luck, the current high-altitude flight, the Basel has to do, after 10 rounds of the FCB to the right at the top of the Super League. For Zbinden’s the last game before the national team break away in St. Gallen is a symbol that, when FCB something is growing together. “This Match has shown me that we are a team. We had a tiring Europa League trip to Trabzon behind us, the St. Gallen played by the sassy and yet we held our own.”

Also, with Cabral and Alderete two of his South American on the lawn were.