Black Stars (Promotion League) Zurich 1:2

The FCZ survive the first Cup round. But man, that was a lot of hard work! And on the way to the FCZ misses the third Penalty this season. As against Xamax is Mahi, which brings the round from eleven meters into the Square. Black Stars Goalie Oberle has no problems to parry the weak force penalty. Unhappy he looks, then 40 seconds later, when the Corner of Popovic in connection to the Penalty of Mahi easily deflected flaps – on Oberle to the FCZ management into the goal.

However, the FCZ distributed wacker more gifts. Cup-goalkeeper Andris Vanins operated after a back-pass directly to the Basel striker Gomes who says Danggschön and to the 1:1 spots. After that, it is from FCZ point of view, a more than a tough Kick. And the gifts goes on. Kharabadze by a Ball under the sole and fouls then Babovic. Penalty for the promotional League-Kliub, whose players are already ahead of the execution in the arms. Too early been pleased. Alic POPs the leather of the bar under the edge.

But the black and white remain equal. But the only goal, the falls, the FCZ: Nathan screwed into the Basel night sky and köpfelt the winning goal. Conclusion: Not a good FCZ occurs. At least on the field. In the stadium the Fans of the city’s clubs, however, were the cream of the crop. 93 minutes long. Chapeau. Hoping that outside of shooters Mat is not out of the ordinary happened… Should cost of this massive police presence, and security of more than 100 000 francs is possible to be.

Pully (2. reg.) – Basel 1:4

After 17 minutes seems to be the case for the FCB of the lake is already gone. Campo sends Bua, with a dream pass. Pully-Goalie Russo for the first time beaten.

the Canton of Vaud is the second League-Regio-club (sixth-highest in League) in first-half stoppage time out of nowhere to compensate. After a far-shot from Oldie Rickli (will be 40 in November!) save FCB defender Petretta with the Hand on the line for the beaten Omlin representative Nikolic. Red for Petretta! And Favre sinks the penalty. 1:1! 2000 Fans are out of the house.

The Bebbi, have to do without their with the mountain bike accident coach Marcel Koller, beat in the 48. Minute back. A double pass between Pululu and Bua. The Romand in Basel services network for the second Time. And in the 81. Minute Show by the Geneva is lake Geneva. Bua to 3:1. Campo increased shortly before closing with a penalty of 4:1.

Seefeld ZH (2. reg.) the GC (ChL) 1:9

Super League-is struggling with Relegated GC at Zurich, second half of Seefeld, at the beginning, it is necessary to accept before the break, almost the 2:2-compensation.

However, after the break, the Hoppers do with the Underdog short process. In the end, the Team of Uli missed the Stalks Forte even just a day. The match-winner striker Nassim Ben Khalifa has become – he shoots Seefeld virtually single-handedly. With five goals.

Echallens Région (1.) the Servette 0:6

The seven-times Cup winner is in the competition: Servette to win and easily loose 6:0 in Echallens. For the team of Alain Geiger Chagas hits a triple. New arrival Tasar carries two Times in the top scorers list.

The newcomer from Geneva is required from first-tier Echallens not even in the approach. Servette after the round of the Cup on next Sunday away to FC Thun. It is a neighbourhood in the table duel: Both started with five points from four Games in the season.

Allschwil (2. inter) Sion 1:10

the 89 is already running. Minute – and the game of ripples at this time only to himself. 10:0 always for Sion. Since Rafael Fonseca comes to its Grand appearance. The Allschwiler pokes the Ball in Sion-five-metre space is somehow over the line. The local spectators behind the goal are completely out of the house, to celebrate the hit like a victory. And the FC Sion? The doing of the Allschwiler honor hit does not hurt. The Valais offers, in turn, the Cup-Stalks, realized by the tenth hit of Pajtim Kasami in the 75. Minute. Bastien Toma a hat-Trick to succeed this afternoon. But most of all a other: Rafael Fonseca is cheered in Allschwil!

FC Monthey (2. inter) – St. Gallen 1:4

the 89 is already up and running. Minute of the game, as Espen-Captain Cédric Itten a Penalty in the night sky is pounding. At the end, dont really matter, the Eastern Swiss lead to 4:1, although they, too, had to tremble for twelve minutes. After the opening goal from Ruiz (7.) Monthey-wing Bakashala (30 is similar.) the game of from. Kutesa (42.) brings the Super-leaguers shortly before the break again on the way to Victory. Itten (62.) and Campos (82.) shoot the other goals for a final score.

Here’s the games of the 1. Cup-round for future Reference!