Russians Favorite sausages, prepared foods and carbonated drinks can disrupt the calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. About what favorite food the Russians may have a negative impact on your health, “the” told in “Roskontrol”.

Experts pointed out that the food industry uses phosphates as, for example, regulators of acidity and stabilizers. Phosphorus itself is not dangerous, but it’s important that this substance came into the body in a 1:1 ratio with calcium.

Otherwise disturbed calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and calcium is “leached” from the bones. It is the overabundance of phosphorus in the diet led to the fact that more and more young people and people in middle age suffers from osteoporosis.

In this regard, in the “Roskontrol” urged to reduce consumption of sausages, semi-finished products, crab sticks, chips, processed cheeses, and carbonated beverages. To make up for the lack of calcium will help dairy products.