The founder of the steakhouse chain “Block House”, Eugen Block, is fighting for his abducted grandchildren. His former son-in-law took the children to Denmark but did not bring them back.

In August 2021, Stephan Hensel, ex-son-in-law of “Block House” founder Eugen Block, will take his children from Hamburg to his new adopted country of Denmark. As agreed with his ex-wife Christina Block. The problem: he never brings the children back. The “image” is now reporting on the case.

Accordingly, Hensel informed her: The children Klara, Theodor and Johanna are not coming back and are staying with him in Denmark. A horror scenario for the daughter of the millionaire steakhouse entrepreneur. Together with her partner, presenter legend Gerhard Delling, she tried to bring the children back herself, but without success. It was then decided by a court decision that the father “has to hand over the children to the mother”. But the Danes do not enforce the verdict.

Now the grandparents drove to Gravenstein in Denmark. Opposite “Bild” Eugen Block describes what happened on site. They parked in front of Stephan Hensel’s villa and tried to get the children’s attention. They stuck a poster in the car window with the words: “We miss you! We love you! Our doors are always open!”

But the attempt to speak to the child’s father was unsuccessful. “Leave the property immediately! Go away!” he is said to have shouted. Little Theodor was sitting at the window upstairs. “He looked sadly at us and the sign,” said Eugen Block to “Bild”. “Shortly afterwards the blinds were lowered.”

The children’s father argues that his ex hit the children. Meanwhile, the youth welfare office in Hamburg accuses the father of “acute child endangerment” and “conscious alienation”, according to “Bild”.

Christina Block is now suing a Danish court. Her father emphasizes: “There has to be a way out for the children. It cannot be that Stephan Hensel can succeed in turning wrong into right.”

Christine Lambrecht asked for her resignation as Minister of Defense on Monday. But the politician doesn’t have to worry even if she doesn’t have a job. After her resignation, the SPD politician collects a lot of money.

After the escalation on Saturday, the police reported a success on Sunday: the protest village in Lützerath was completely cleared. Meanwhile, the activists are complaining of serious injuries – the police, however, denied this. The situation in Lützerath in the Newsticker.