On the former chiyoumen by father Sergiy (Romanov) submitted a statement to the police about the insult of the President of Russia. About it URA.RU said the Complainant, who asked not to disclose her data.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the former Confessor of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya, Abbot Sergius were deprived of the right to preach in his assessment of the pandemic coronavirus. He called the threat of the spread of infection, “the invention of the godless” anathematized officials and urged the people not to sit in isolation, and took Sredneuralskaya convent. The ecclesiastical court July 3 chiyoumen deprived of dignity.

According to 44-the summer inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, she has addressed in law enforcement bodies, as father Sergius in his statements “insulted President Vladimir Putin, and also the spread of incorrect data”.

In his statement, the woman led 10 statements that were used in the videos of the former chiyoumen and referred to the head of state noted URA.RU.

The applicant requested not to disclose her details as she is afraid of revenge.

The representative of the Sredneuralskaya convent Vsevolod Moguchev commented on islamiziruetsya, stressing that “father Sergius never aim to offend anyone”.

“His enemy is human sin, not the people themselves. People (or rather, their immortal souls) he rescues, often sacrificing their health and safety,” he said.