Dad left daughter at the airport after it was not released abroad, reports with reference to the newspaper the Mirror. British tabloid drew attention to an anonymous post on the website Reddit. In the words of an unknown man, he had to go on a vacation with a 14-year-old daughter from his first marriage, his new wife and two children from the new marriage. Ex-wife refused to send the original passport of his daughter, saying only its validity. With these data, the father managed to book the ticket, but on arrival at the airport it turned out that the validity of the passport expires and buy a ticket for it.

as the cancellation of the trip promised a big loss, the man decided to leave the daughter at the airport and contacted his father, who promised to take the girl. Father promised to take the girl with him on a different journey as soon as she gets a new identity. However, the grudge girl was so great that she stopped communicating with his father. “She even wanted to change school, because classmates laughed at her, thinking that she lied about something that goes on a journey,” writes the father, who has already questioned the correctness of the decision.

Earlier, the Russian, who flew from Vladivostok to Moscow, left the two children at the airport “Sheremetyevo”. The note stuffed in the backpack of one of the boys, he explained his action by the difficult financial situation.