“It is only 1.8 percent of children who are found positive, while it fluctuates between 10 and 11 percent for adults. Therefore, we have not so great concern for the children.”

How to said Kåre Mølbak, director of the State Serum Institute, at a press conference on Monday, where they announced that soon the youngest citizens – children – back-in-school, kindergarten and crèche. A decision Michael Graversen, who is the father of 7-year-old Cornelius had feared.

“If you still can’t go to the hairdresser, why can you send your children to school?” he asks, when he on Tuesday appeared in B. T.’s live consignment on Facebook.

Michael Graversens son has asthma. He becomes infected, then it can have major consequences.

And it makes him far from the more calm, now that the government will open agencies and schools for the children, which goes to 0. to 5. class from 15. april.

“I’m damn right creepy. We have a son who has pretty bad asthma and has been hospitalized several times. He really has hard time to breathe,” says Michael Graversen and continues:

“He was just a little a little weakling, you can say, so we’re pretty nervous to send him into an environment where there is a big risk.”

He believes that the older children probably will be better to understand that they must not be close to each other. The fear he that Cornelius will not. Therefore, he has together with his partner, decided to keep Cornelius at home despite the opening.

“There are of course companies that bleed, but I might well have wished that we had kept the children at home in a long time – perhaps for the summer holidays,” says Michael Graversen.

A point of view, as chairman of the board of Lungeforeningen and specialist, Torben Mogensen, do not agree with.

“Experience has shown that children tolerate the disease better and receive the bad one. Therefore, the risk for the children is limited,” he says, as he also is in B. T.’s livesending Tuesday.

However, he believes that there are some children, as you should continue to take care – for example, children as astmaramte Cornelius.

“It is clear that there will be kids that don’t can just follow the general rules,” he says.

A boy as Cornelius will not have the same resistance against infections as other children, because he has reduced lung function.

“you Have a lung disease, then you are in a risk group,” says Torben Mogensen.

However, he stresses that the healthy children have a much lower risk of becoming infected. You have to open up in one way or another, and this version is a good solution, he believes.