Brussels –

In the Eburonenstraat in Brussels on Monday morning, a victim of cases in a brief, but intense fire. Probably choked on the resident when in bed, in the room.

at The Brussels fire department, was Monday morning a little after 5 a.m. to report for a fire in the Eburonenstraat. The witnesses saw that the smoke was on the second floor of one of the houses in the street. On arrival you had to have the firemen break down the door. There, they found the body of a man, any man. The fire was soon under control, although it ran on the lower floor have water damage on it.


The public prosecutor in Brussels and was informed someone had died. A branddeskundige, a law doctor and the laboratory, to the federal criminal police offices in the field. “According to initial findings, it would be more likely to have an accidental fire,” says Dennis Goeman, of the public prosecutor in Brussels. “The man has not yet been formally identified.”

you Probably noticed the guy asleep while smoking. His body would have been found to be in the office by the close proximity of the remains of the cigarette.

The house where the fire broke out, and included in the list of protected intangible heritage of Brussels, belgium. It’s going to be a very nice house in 1901, it was built in the art nouveau style. On the outside it seemed as if the damage isn’t too bad of a fall.