Multiple videos appearing to show Black Lives Matter protesters celebrating the shooting and death of a Trump supporter have conservatives concerned about a “hunt” against their lives.

Since the clash of a pro-Trump car caravan and counter-protesters in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night and the subsequent shooting death of a man who is believed to be a Trump supporter, several videos have conservatives on social media calling out the left for what they claim is intentional violence against those who dissent from the current BLM and anti-Trump movements displayed in increasingly violent protests across the country.

In one video that starts moments before the shooting someone appears to be yelling, “we got a Trumper right here” just before shots are heard being fired.

It sounds like someone is shouting, “We got a Trumper right here” just before the shots are fired and the man is killed.

Listen closely. This was the instant of the murder in Portland.A: “Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!”B: “Right here?”<Two gunshots>

Reports have indicated the man killed was wearing a hat connected to the ‘Patriot Prayer’ group, which the media has since described as a “far-right organization,” though there has not been any confirmation about the deceased’s identity. 

Other videos from Saturday night following the shooting shows a woman talking through a speakerphone to a group of BLM demonstrators in downtown Portland and referring directly to the death, saying, “I am not sad that a f**king fascist died tonight.” The gathered crowd then begins cheering.

“I am not sad that a f—ing fascist died tonight,” says a woman at the antifa gathering in downtown Portland. The crowd laughs and cheers. The ID of the deceased is not confirmed but he is believed to be a Trump & blue lives supporter.

Yet another video shows protesters burning an American flag to cheer the death of a “fascist.” The crowd plays music and chants, “black lives matter” as the flag burns. 

Videos from earlier in the night revealed Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters attempting to block vehicles sporting pro-Trump flags only to be maced by drivers.

Antifa rioters try to physically block the Trump cars from driving in downtown Portland. They get maced instead of run over.

This is not the first time Trump supporters and leftist groups have encountered one another and turned to violence in cities dealing with ongoing protests, which have raged in places like Portland since the death of George Floyd during a botched police arrest in May. 

This shooting, however, has conservatives warning that groups like Antifa have “declared war on Trump supporters.”

“Antifa has declared war on Trump Supporters. Respond accordingly,” journalist Carmine Sabia tweeted, clarifying later that “respond accordingly” was not a call for vigilante justice, but rather one for the government to treat Antifa like a terrorist organization.

“Trump supporters are being gunned down in cold blood,” Paul Joseph Watson tweeted. 

Trump supporters are now being shot. Watch – not one Democrat will denounce this today.

How can you say that and be a serious member of society? You have no idea what you’re saying. The Patriot was hunted

“I am not sad that a f*cking fascist died tonight” Portland Antifa cheer & celebrate the execution of a Trump supporter late last night This is what pure EVIL looks like

Liberal commentators have meanwhile taken to chalking the entire incident, as well as other violence stemming from protests, to being the fault of Donald Trump, despite a majority of protesters across the country demonstrating against the current administration and belonging to leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

So, Trump supporters who own guns are allowed to walk around the streets and open fire when they see fit, yet an innocent black man who broke up a fight was shot 7 times by police, paralyzed by police, and then handcuffed to his hospital bed—by police. You must vote in November.

Just to be clear, Trump supporters have murdered three more people in a week than Antifa has in its existence.

WAKE UP! President Trump is inciting this violence so that he can implement the Insurrection Act right before the election and send the military into Democratic cities to tear-gas voters who he will refer to as “ANTIFA.” #TrumpRiots

Only a day before the shooting, Joe Biden blasted President Trump for suggesting multiple times that cities like Portland and Kenosha need federal assistance, calling ongoing demonstrations “peaceful” protests, leading Donald Trump Jr. and others to deem the violent protests “#BidenRiots” following Saturday’s shooting.

“In Democrat-run cities across the country, innocent people are being murdered, communities are being burned to the ground, small businesses are being destroyed & Joe Biden refuses to stand up to his radical supporters causing the mayhem,” he tweeted. 

The president renewed his call for the National Guard to be deployed to Portland on Sunday morning, an idea Mayor Ted Wheeler has officially rejected before.

The National Guard is Ready, Willing and Able. All the Governor has to do is call!

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