A new report by lawyers states that the electricity price brake planned by the traffic light coalition violates EU law and the Basic Law. The reason: The brake violates the property guarantee enshrined in the constitution.

According to an expert opinion, the federal government’s planned electricity price brake with a skimming off of surplus income from the energy industry caused by war and crises is unconstitutional. The draft law violates EU law and violates the property guarantee, said the Hamburg energy supplier Lichtblick on Thursday, citing a commissioned legal opinion.

“The planned skimming mechanism will lead to far-reaching distortions in the German electricity market,” says Lichtblick. The consequences of these developments are rising electricity prices for consumers, an obstacle to the further expansion of renewable energy systems and, in individual cases, the insolvency of the system operators. First, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported on the report.

Sharp criticism of the draft law, which is currently still being coordinated within the federal government, also came from the Federal Association of Renewable Energies. When asked by the German Press Agency, President Simone Peter said: “There are considerable constitutional and European concerns. Retrospective interventions in economic processes have already been decided several times as clearly unconstitutional.” The association had already stated that a wave of lawsuits was to be expected.

A draft law by the Chancellery, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economics provides that “accidental profits” from companies on the electricity market will be skimmed off retrospectively from September 1st for a limited period until at least the end of June next year in order to co-finance the electricity price brake. This affects producers of green electricity from wind and sun, for example, who have recently benefited from high prices on the stock exchange. The background to this is the sharp rise in gas prices and the pricing mechanism on the electricity market.

The property tax is one of the domestic political excitement of the year, along with the gas levy and citizens’ income. Missing data, blocked access and the tight deadline give an idea of ​​what owners and tenants could face. Protests are stirring in the southwest.

In the case of the murdered Hanna, there is now an arrest. The police announced this on Saturday. However, the police denied the help of a clairvoyant.

The age of cables: More than 95 percent of international data traffic takes place via gigantic undersea cables at depth. But Europe is still doing far too little to protect this vital infrastructure. The aggressive behavior of China and Russia is now forcing us to act.

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