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The purely electrically powered coupe SUV will be manufactured at the VW joint venture plant in Anhui, Volkswagen said in a statement on Friday, December 2nd. The reason for the production in China is the limited production capacity in Europe, reports Automotive News Europe.

The plant in Anhui was the plant with the right capacity and technology at the time of production planning. The third MEB plant in China is due to be completed in Anhui soon. According to the official VW website, the first electric cars should roll off the production line there in the second half of 2023.

The new VW CEO Oliver Blume is currently leaving no stone unturned. It was recently reported that the new electric platform SSP has been postponed to around 2030 and that therefore the modular electric construction kit (MEB) will be used longer. That could throw the plans into disarray.

Only then can the models be assigned to the individual plants. The publication of the corresponding five-year plan was recently postponed from November to next year. The new message suggests that Blume is already ramming in the first posts.

Like all current electric cars from the VW Group, the Tavascan is based on the MEB. As a coupé SUV, it should be something like the Spanish cousin of the VW ID.5. A study was already presented in 2019 (report at Motor1). At the time, Cupra was silent about the dimensions, but the drive offered little that was new compared to the other MEB vehicles: A 225 kW all-wheel drive system provided propulsion, plus the large 77 kWh battery.

The look of the Tavascan study was quite extravagant, the difference to the ID.5 was significantly greater than that between the VW ID.3 and Cupra Born. Inside, the car with the many glitter effects and copper details looked more luxurious than sporty.

Then, in June 2022, when presenting its future plans, Cupra presented a slightly modified variant of the Tavascan. The differences included the modified headlights, the illuminated brand logo on the bonnet and a light bar at the front, enlarged exterior mirrors with integrated indicators, black protective strips on the wheel arches and the conventional door handles:

Tavascan-Serial version (June 2022)

Tavascan Concept (2019)

In June, 2024 was named as the launch date for the Tavascan. The newcomer will be the brand’s second electric car after the Born. A third electric model, the series version of the UrbanRebel, is to follow in 2025. Shown in June, the 4.03-meter-long version based on a shortened MEB platform (“MEB Small”) will be something of a sister model to the VW ID.2 and ID.2 X, as well as the Skoda equivalent, which the rumor has it could be named after Elroq.

This article was written by Stefan Leichsenring

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