Fan spent millions on appearance Buzova

The fan of talent of Olga Buzova spent 3 million on plastic surgery to gain the appearance of the singer, informs Starhit. In the Internet appeared the video, as the girl demonstrates the result of surgical intervention.

The video published in the popular youth social network TikTok. In the video user under the name ne_buzova86 the song Olga Buzova “I don’t hurt anymore” removes the bandage from the face. Most likely, the girl changed the shape of the nose and chin.

“I don’t hurt anymore! For you Olga,” reads the caption to the video (spelling and punctuation of the author saved – approx. ed.).

Subscribers desperate female fans criticized her decision to go under the surgeon’s knife, noting that it is not necessary to be like an idol to show him my admiration.

Many agreed that the girl just has no personality, once she decided to become a double Buzova.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that he does not have twins, but admitted that the idea of having them arose in the early 2000-ies during an active fight against terrorism.