One of the main heroes of the film “peculiarities of national hunt” Ville Haapasalo because of the pandemic, was left without a job and earns a baking khachapuri. The actor sells pies at the train station of the village of Puumala and so survives.

Movies, performances, theatre and exhibitions, where he planned to participate a Finnish actor, is cancelled. But in addition to work in film Ville Haapasalo is the owner of restaurants where noticed that the great demand from visitors to enjoy khachapuri, brings the story of actor KP.RU.

Therefore, Haapasalo decided to open a bakery in the village of Puumala and sell Georgian pastries. According to him, business is booming. Every day the bakery line up the whole queue of Finns. The price of one pie for €12. But for the sake of earning the actor have to get up early, to bake khachapuri, take them to the trading point and sell. His longest working day was 19.5 hours.

The bakery is popular in Russia actor now has six people. The actor is very happy that busy and does not complain about the lack of filming and life.

Earlier reported that Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo learned of the death of Alexei Buldakova from journalists. At this time he was on set. Haapasalo said that is shocked by this news and will definitely try to come bye.