Gisela M. (†48) wanted to help Tamil children in Sri Lanka, a future. A year ago you laid the Foundation stone for the Swariappa school in Gampola, in the centre of the island. The boarding school should accommodate 30 students. Now, the dedicated mother is Uster ZH dead.

at The Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Gisela M., her husband Max and daughter Maja* (†12) lost their lives. The family was one of the eight suicide bombings on Easter Sunday for the victims.

“, I called, no answer”

A cousin of the Swiss girl, Dutch girl, Anne showed van Vlijmen is stunned. You have looked at that day news. “Then I called Gisela to inform you. But there was no answer,” she told the Dutch Portal “”.

As a van Vlijmen Gisela’s daughter in Switzerland is calling, there is a sad certainty: The Couple and their youngest child are dead. The Dutch woman recalls: “My cousin was a sensitive woman. And their daughter Maja hugged me whenever she saw me. A happy, sweet girl.”

Traveled to Sri Lanka to search related

Gisela M. grew up in Sri Lanka, at the age of six years was of a Dutch Couple adopted, who lived in Switzerland. She is a dual citizen, Swiss and Dutch.

in 2011, traveled the mother to Sri Lanka to find your siblings. In Gampola, she was able to find. The “Zürcher Oberländer” told you last year from the trip: “My six brothers and sisters toiled all on a tea-plantation, could neither read nor write.”

Gisela M. wanted to help her siblings and the other poor in the village. You came up with the idea to start a school, collected money, among other things, a dress shop in Uster that sells fashion from Sri Lanka.

daughter and husband just arrived

On 3. April 2018 could be placed from your idea to reality: the cornerstone of The “school for the Poorest”. Gisela M. traveled regularly to Sri Lanka, visited your project.

The fact you are probably in this April. To take daughter Maja and her husband Max after the flight from Switzerland to reception, she travelled on the Easter weekend in the capital, Colombo.

Gisela M. is to return never more can your heart project, the progress of the students miss their life has changed. The Name of the school, Swariappa, should be a memory of their parents: The two came in 1972 on the island killed. Extremists had murdered.

* the Name has been changed