Smolensk came into force additional measures of support of large families.

Those with five or more minor children, will be able to direct the regional matkapital for the purchase of the car or bus of the domestic production of engine power to 200 horsepower. Previously, this opportunity could benefit only residents of the region, raising seven or more children under the age of 18.

families with children are also entitled to compensation of one third of actual expenses on payment services for garbage disposal (in municipal solid waste management). However, payments will commence from 1 January 2021.

At the same time, Smolensk authorities had decided to limit the number of recipients of monthly cash payments that are assigned at birth (adoption) of the third or subsequent child. Now it will be provided targeted to families with incomes not higher than twice the subsistence minimum of able-bodied population established in the region for the second quarter of the year preceding the year of application for support. The citizens, who submitted documents before the entry into force of the new provisions of the law, will transfer the money as before.

Jewish Autonomous region has introduced a new kind of material support of large families.

the deputies of the regional Parliament supported the initiative of the head of the region Rostislav Goldstein. Parents of nine children and resident of autonomy, will receive a lump cash payment in the amount of one million rubles from the regional budget.

As noted by the Chairman of Committee of social protection of the population of the regional government Natalia Afanasyev, families with nine or more children in the region until four.

“for Families with children the state has always helped, and now, in the difficult current situation, when there is an objective financial difficulties, they need special support,” – said the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Jewish Autonomous region Lyubov.

In Samara region families with children will be able to pick up a free land plots for individual housing, and across the region.

deputies of the Samara gubdumy adopted amendments to the regional law “On land”, which will allow may of this year large families to actively use their right to the land from the state. Still, too many children could choose themselves the land, but only on the territory of the municipal district where he lived.

In Samara and Togliatti sites is long over, so they weave were provided in neighbouring districts. But it did not solve the problem. Because the sites are usually located in an open field, far away from settlements and are not provided with infra��the structure. So to build there is simply unrealistic. Often large families in the province even refused this “gift”.

Authorities suggest that the adopted amendments will help reduce the waiting list for plots.

the state Council Republic of Crimea approved the compensation from the budget for the purchase of school uniforms for children from large families. This is the sum of not more than 30 percent of the minimum subsistence level for children established by the Council of Ministers of the Republic.

This compensation was paid last year, but only families with per capita income below the value equal to two subsistence minima per capita in the country. Now, monetary compensation will be provided until December 25, 2020 without taking into account per capita income, large families.

Residents Kaliningrad oblast, are registered as unemployed, can obtain from the regional budget of 50 thousand rubles for the opening of the business.

a New support measure, according to the regional Ministry of social policy will operate in may and June.

it is planned to extend 300 non-refundable subsidies. The regional Treasury will allocate for these purposes of 15 million rubles. The money can be spent on the organization of financial and economic activities of the registration of the individual entrepreneur, the services of lawyers and notaries, the purchase of materials. To apply for the subsidy should be in the center of employment – but not personally, and through interactive Central portal.

“the Innovation will allow to help those who are just planning to start their own business, – said the Minister of social policy of the region Angelica Meister. – Besides, we are talking about the possible legalization of the people who today call themselves self-employed and work without official registration of their activities.”

Kaluga region decided to separately support the experts in the field of physical education and sport, working in state or municipal institutions.

Now they will be able to claim an annual payment for reimbursement of interest paid on a mortgage (loan) taken for purchase of housing in the region.

But the area of the existing family apartments should not exceed social norms. The candidate to receive the support you need to fit in with a number of conditions: permanently or primarily reside in the Kaluga region, at least a year to work on “physical culture and sports” posts (the list defined by law and includes a variety of coaches and trainers, and, for example, riders of horses and analysts). And also – not to have overdue debt on the mortgage.

Payment will be granted in the calendar year next following that in which the citizen paid the interest on a mortgage. The amount will depend on the actual costs of the borrower. The maximum amount of annual compensation to citizens living alone – 130 768 roubles, for a family of two people – 164 768, three or more, 211 845. The new law applies to legal relations arising from 1 January 2021.

a regional law was Adopted Tver oblast “monthly allowances per child aged three to seven years”.

the monthly payment is 50 percent of the subsistence minimum for children, established in the Tver region for the second quarter of the year preceding the year of application for award of monthly payments. The amount of payment in 2020 will be 5699,55 of the ruble. The amount will be credited in the calculation from 1 January 2020.

And Samara region in may the most needy because of the pandemic, residents will give a lump sum – five thousand roubles of aid from the regional Treasury.

First of all, will help families with children from 8 to 18 years. Payment will be charged to all students bringing up single mothers, large families, provided that they have an income below the subsistence level – 10 814 roubles per person. And to all the families with per capita income for each below half of the minimum 5 407 rubles.

in addition, on five thousand rubles will also get the residents of the region, which are officially recognized as unemployed until 1 April 2020, and has appointed the minimum benefits. We are talking about the samarians pre-retirement age, persons with disabilities, young people with vocational education from 18 to 20 years old, who are looking for work.

the payout will give dismissed from military service and members of their families (spouses). From regional Treasury will support released from places of imprisonment and taken recently at the labour exchange.

According to the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov, it is these categories of the unemployed in the conditions of a pandemic and a difficult economic situation the most difficult to find work.

to obtain financial assistance, as assured the head of the region, to provide documents and do not need to go. The Ministry socio-demographic and family policy of the region they will appoint a needy machine.

As explained “RG” in the profile Department, the database at the indicated categories all is. Families usually receive various benefits. If samarians were in the lists of the needy, for the first time, they will give a payoff after the removal of the regime of self-isolation after presenting documents.

Ryazan oblast has introduced regional measures of social support of employees of organizations and individual entrepreneurs who lost their job earlier than March 1, 2020 or receiving a wage below the minimum wage.

each member of that family established a payment of two thousand rubles. The procedure for obtaining a promise mmaximalno to simplify. To ensure the new measures from the regional budget will allocate 500 million rubles, said the Ryazan Governor Nikolai Lyubimov.

And Kaluga region decided to support the families of local athletes. Them three percent indexed payout. Now the Olympic, Deaflympic and Paralympic games to members of national teams of the Russian Federation put 27 911 per month. Citizens with the honorary title and the title of world Champions – 16 029 rubles.

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