After the announcement of the top candidate for the SPD in the Hessian state elections, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser rejected criticism that an election campaign was incompatible with her office.

“It is a matter of course in a democracy to run for office. I don’t think a lot of men are asked how they reconcile this dual role,” explained Faeser on TV station phoenix.

She knows very well what responsibility she bears as a minister. “The state always comes first, the office of Federal Minister of the Interior has priority for me, but I will do everything in my free time to have a good election campaign,” the SPD politician continued.

For Hessian politics, Faeser made it clear that education policy is particularly important to her. “Educational policy is my top priority.”

In her home country, it is still the case that children’s educational success depends on their parents’ wallets. “We want to change that. And there is a blatant shortage of teachers that we have to take care of,” added the social democrat.

In addition to combating the housing shortage, it is of course also about climate change, which is at the heart of state politics. However, it must be done in a socially fair manner. “It can’t be that everything gets more expensive. We have to make it socially acceptable,” says Faeser.