British scientists analyzed data from millions of people and revealed the key factors deaths from the coronavirus. On Sunday, may 10, according to medRxiv.

According to the portal, a group of researchers from Oxford University and the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine gathered data on the health of 17 million Britons. Using a mathematical model of Coke — a method to predict the risk of occurrence of certain events and to assess the importance of various factors, the scientists found that the probability of dying from coronavirus higher in blacks and Asians.

Also, the risk factors were the age, diabetes and severe forms of asthma. As it turned out, often dying men, and people with low income. To explain the last criterion, the researchers could not.

During the research, which took place from 1 February to 25 April, from a selected group of people died 5683 patient with confirmed coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that an international group of scientists found an explanation of the hard cases of the coronavirus in young. According to researchers, the reason lies in the mutations that affect the immune system.