Even when the sun isn’t shining, applying sunscreen every day is an absolute must. The face in particular should be protected from dangerous UV rays. Below we present the test winner and other favorites in the facial sunscreen category.

Shortly before summer vacation, sunscreen is on most shopping lists. In order to avoid painful and unsightly sunburn, many people pack sun protection in their holiday suitcase. But even in winter and when the sun is not shining, using sunscreen is a daily must, because the cream significantly minimizes the risk of skin cancer.

According to the Techniker-Krankenkasse, more than 200,000 people in Germany develop skin cancer every year. This makes skin cancer the most common type of cancer in Germany. Since our face in particular is heavily exposed to the sun, it has to be sunscreened every day.

But which facial sunscreen is the best? Based on the test results of our cooperation partner AllesBeste*, we present the test winner and other favorites.

The test winner from the La Roche-Posay brand is not very cheap at around 25 euros, but it protects your face best from UV radiation. The light and liquid texture and the pleasantly light inherent smell of the cream were particularly positive during the test. The sunscreen is also water and sweat resistant. Sun protection is particularly recommended for slightly dry and combination skin.

Nowadays, more and more women and men are bothered by the unpopular wrinkles on their face and therefore use expensive creams or pay a visit to the beauty doc. But if you take the right precautions, you can later do without the expensive products and injections, because the daily application of sun protection protects you better from the unpopular wrinkles than the later use of skin care products with anti-aging active ingredients.

*This post was created by Focus online authors and is based on the findings of the AllesBeste article “The best sunscreen for the face”. The content is based on the version of 05/20/2022. Our partners from the CHIP test center were not involved in the investigation.