There was a preparatory action for the woman to strike, but, proficient in addition, The parquet floor in the room 2 of the Federal house is smeared with white paint and must be repaired. Blame SP-national councillor Fabian Molina (28, ZH) is. “I wanted to paint a banner for the women’s strike, and I realized too late that the color pushes through,” says Molina, reminiscent of its action to the “Sprayer of Zurich”, Harald Naegeli, contrite GLANCE. “When I realized it, I stopped immediately.”

But since the damage was already done. The color sticks to the floor – and apparently can’t be removed so easily. SVP-national Council member and painter, mistress Sandra to Berger (45, BL) had been called by the caretaker personnel. They took already a first sight: “This stupidity is expensive!” she says. The beautiful floor had to be sanded down.

“the Climate!”

“next Time he should ask me because of the color. It is not for the inside, toxic and hazardous to your health – and the climate!”, she says.

Molina will have to reach into his own pocket – or, if necessary, his insurance company can strive. “I reported the damage to the Parliament’s services immediately, me to the Secretary-General already apologized, and announced that I’m going to assume the cost of the repair,” emphasized Molina.

would Prefer

Also, SP group chief Roger Nordmann (46, VD) has taken the youngster to prayer politicize as a Tinker. “I got him snubbed: He’d rather politicize as a Tinker.” And he confirmed, Molina would have apologized.

the new Sprayer of Zurich admits: “I should let Tinker actually stay.” Molina was not the only hobbyists, but has reserved the room in his name. Who else was with them, he does not want to reveal.

hemes of colleagues, Humor from the perpetrator

Of his colleagues in the group were there for the stimulating action of mockery and malice. The Zurich national councillor Min Li Marti (45) tweeted He had one job …”

Molina himself tweeted: “was contrite, but his mishap but also with a sense of humour: “love the furniture, as I wanted to make a Banner for the women’s strike …”, he tweeted, alluding to the well-known advertising of the insurance.

The unfinished transparency is shown at the woman strike day, but still. “We’ve converted it,” says Molina. How, remains to be secret. “In our tomorrow’s action it is used. Let surprise you!”