What had hinted at yesterday is now official: the Team Racing Point reported, will compete for the racing team from the formula 1 season in 2021 as the works team of Aston Martin and Silverstone from the act. On Monday, the auto manufacturer announced a cash injection of 600 million euros and Lawrence Stroll as the new CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda confirmed.

Now the next step: Aston Martin will return from next season as a factory team in the formula 1. “A brand with the history of Aston Martin has to compete on the highest level of Motorsport. I think this is the most interesting thing that happened in formula 1 in recent times,” says Stroll, who had bought 2018, the ailing Force India Team.

The Name of Racing Point was only meant to be temporary, now officially renamed as follows in the Aston Martin: “Our investment strategy is the formula 1 as a Central pillar of the global marketing strategy, and it is absolutely useful to rename the Racing Point for this purpose,” says the canadian. “I can’t think of a better name for a formula 1 Team.”

The team will retain his seat in the British Silverstone, and is, according to the Stroll for a good future: “The women and men in Silverstone are a real Racer. Your determination and attitude was one of the main reasons why I invested in the formula-1 Team. After 30 years, they have earned it, to represent this legendary brand,” he says.

promises to Continue to Stroll, that one will continue to invest in the Team and give him all the necessary resources. Already this year, Racing the Point is to benefit from it.

Stroll but also know that with the new name, the expectations and the pressure will rise. “We have to be competition ready,” he urges. “I have no doubt that the Team at Silverstone, to cope with this challenge, and the name Aston Martin is Proud to be represented.”

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