said, such As the National Whistleblower Center on Thursday in a complaint, investigated the experts of the organization for a period of five months, the Facebook pages of 3000 members, the Connections to the US government considered to be terrorists, groups, or sympathy showed.

The scientists found that the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) and the terrorist network Al-Qaeda are “open” in the network. In addition, the Facebook Software that automatically create “reminder” and other Videos for extremist Websites as soon as they had enough “Likes”.

The efforts of the network to ban terrorist content, were “weak and ineffective”, it said in a 48-page summary of the investigation results. Even more worrying is that Facebook create with his technology unwittingly self-extremist content and competitions.

In a response to the criticism, Facebook said that content is terrorism-related, would have a “much higher rate of success than two years ago”. The company does not claim that it is “everything”, however, persist in its efforts against terrorist groups in the world, “vigilant”.