Up until now, it has been said that the tunnel must be finished before 2030. It is not money.

NRK has in several cases told about pengekrisen in Oslopakke 3. Currently, a dealer in Oslo, the Creek and the state about how much bompengene need to pay for increasingly expensive projects in the road and kollektivpakken.

Sentrumstunnelen are among the things that create headaches. In the internal documents that NRK has access to, requires Oslopakke secretariat that the opening is postponed to 2035.

– Large pengeproblem

at the same time have Routes added, a plan for how they can push the tunnel out in time without that capacity on the Metro is completely broken.

the Problem is that also the solution Routes points out, requires many billions of money that does not exist.

– Right now we have a large pengeproblem, ” says Andreas Halse, who represents the Oslo Party in Oslopakke 3-negotiations.

Herrings in a barrel

the Backdrop is well known: Oslo area get increasingly more citizens. And more and more choose to leave your car.

On the Subway is people like herring in a barrel in the peak hours already. At some point there will simply not be room for more.

Why have politicians and professionals long been agreed that a new T-banetunnel have to be built that do not kollektivsystemet to collapse.

the FUTURE T-BANE: how To see Routes for Metro railway in the future. Sentrumstunnelen get new stations at Bislett and by Nybrua at the bottom of Grünerløkka.

Illustration: Glass

such A tunnel would double the number of departures and make it possible to run five-minute routes on all grenbaner.

as late as in 2016, said Routes that without the tunnel could the capacity be blasted in 2025. In the current plans operated it with the “by 2030” as the time when the tunnel should be finished.

Pushes the cords

Now believe Router that it is possible to stretch the cords longer. They have done new analysis of the capacity in which the four major milliardprosjekter on the T-path is set in the context:

Fornebubanen between Majorstuen and Fornebu. Price: 17,5 mrd. 2021-money. the New signaling for the Subway. Will among other things make it possible to run trains closer in the current tunnel. Price: 5,67 billion. 2021-money. the New Majorstua station . Is a prerequisite in order to connect together Fornebubanen and new sentrumstunnel. Quote: 5,9 billion. 2021-money. the New T-banetunnel between Majorstuen and Tøyen via Bislett, the Parliament and Lower Grünerløkka. Quote: 19,5 billion. 2021-money.

SUBJECT: Diamonds and plandirektør Snorre Lægran have found out how they can expose the sentrumstunnelen, but also it requires money that doesn’t exist.

Photo: Olaf Juven / NRK

– If we get Fornebubanen, signalanlegget and the first part of the Majorstua station finished to 2027, solves that part of the kapasitetsbehovet, says plandirektør Snorre Lægran in the Glass.

If the second part of the Majorstua station is completed by 2030, addresses the additional needs.

– When can the tunnel be completed during the first half of the 2030’s, that is, until 2035, ” he says.

check mark by this plan, there is not money to the Majorstua station either, at least not without screwing up bompengene to a level it is hardly possible to get consensus on.

– This needs to be resolved. It is not possible to build sentrumstunnelen before the Majorstua station is built, ” says Snorre Lægran.

ANIMAL DRIVE: the price tag on the new underground station at Majorstua is up in the close to six billion.

Illustration: MDH Architects for the Router/Sporveien Help from the state

Andreas Hasle in Oslo Ap believes that both sentrumstunnelen and Majorstuen station must come as quickly as possible, but that it requires help from the state.

the Government has said that it takes half the bill for the Fornebubanen and sentrumstunnelen. For signalanlegget and Majorstua station, it is not a crown to retrieve.

DEALER: Andreas Hasle (Ap) is one of them that tries to stitch together a new Oslopakke 3.

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk / NRK

the Labour party has suggested in Parliament that we can get 70 percent state funding of the T-banetunnelen. It will help a lot, ” says Halse.

He thinks it’s funny that the state will not pay anything for the Majorstua station.

If we look at where we get the most possible eco-friendly travel and the best possible mobility for every penny, should Majorstua station be high on the list to the national authorities when they should invest in the future of Norway, ” says Andreas Halse.

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