According to a media report, Finance Minister Christian Lindner is at risk of losing his parliamentary immunity. The background is a video speech by the FDP politician for a bank, which in turn finances his house purchase.

As reported by the ” Tagesspiegel “, the public prosecutor’s office is examining the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of FDP politician and Finance Minister Christian Lindner. It’s about a spicy video that Lindner was involved in. In the video, a minister’s greeting for a private bank in Karlsruhe, BBBank, Lindner concealed the fact that he himself financed his house through that bank.

The corruption department of the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office is currently examining the lifting of Lindner’s immunity. He is also threatened with criminal proceedings for taking advantage.

At the request of the “Tagesspiegel”, however, Lindner denied that there was a connection between his house loan and the minister’s greeting. There was also no obligation to disclose the private business relationship with the bank in the Ministry.

The “Spiegel” had already reported on Lindner’s video speech for the BBBank last October. It has been on the site since September 2018. In January 2021, Lindner bought a two-family house in Berlin, financed by BBBank. According to “Spiegel”, he registered a land charge of 2.35 million euros in favor of the private bank. A year and a half later, the property was charged again with a further 450,000 euros. It is unclear how much equity Lindner had to bring in to purchase the property.

More to come.