According to a report in the New York Times, Russian military officials discussed how and whether a nuclear weapon could be used in Ukraine in October. President Putin was not present at the meeting, the report continued.

Senior Russian military officials recently debated when and how Moscow might deploy a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. This is reported by the “New York Times”, citing several high-ranking American officials.

According to the newspaper, President Putin was not part of the meeting. Nevertheless, the mere “fact that high-ranking Russian military officials were conducting the talks at all” alarmed the US government. The discussion indicated that “Putin’s veiled threats to use nuclear weapons may not be just words,” the newspaper continued.

The information about the talks became known within the US government in mid-October

Biden confidante John F. Kirby, who is also a member of the National Security Council, declined to comment on the “details of this reporting” in the NYT. He told the newspaper: “We knew from the beginning that Russia’s statements about the possible use of nuclear weapons are very worrying and we take them seriously.”

However, to date there has been no evidence that Russia has deployed nuclear weapons or taken any other tactical action to prepare for an attack. In October, US President Biden warned of an “Armageddon” if Putin actually uses a nuclear weapon.

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