Two explosions and much smoke – in Tschiertschen, GR prevails on Sunday afternoon in great excitement. A wooden house in the middle of the Dorzentrum caught fire. Two men, one at the age of 66 years, the other 65, can save themselves only with great difficulty out of the house.

60 firefighters are trying to clear the house. The fire Tschiertschen-Praden and Chur to fight back, but the house takes a lot of damage. The Graubünden cantonal police is estimated to be several hundred thousand francs. “As it was for the Explosion to come, clarifies the Prosecutor’s office and the police,” writes the Graubünden cantonal police in a media release. What is clear is that Responsible for the loud Explosion of a gas cylinder in the house.

The two men had to rescue from the burning house, it’s different. The 66-year-old survived the flight with burns. He is now in the hospital in Chur. Otherwise, the 65-year-old. He was increasingly worse after the run. “He had to have been associated with Rega to the University hospital of Zurich,” writes the police. Apparently, with serious injuries. (fr)