Was hudsultne nigerian players the real explanation of the old Danish WORLD cup triumph?

the History of Denmark 4-1-butchery of the nigerian WORLD cup favorites at the world championship in France in 1998, now – here 22 years later – added a new chapter.

there was a reason for that, the nigerians – who had played drømmebold in the group stage – could not follow the brothers at the Time, Thomas Helveg, Martin Jorgensen and co. in 1/8-finals.

It reveals the former nigerian forsvarsstjerne Taribo West – him with the hair now.

To the media punchng.com he tells that many of the nigerian players enjoyed themselves under the covers with the female fans the night before the blast-or-fall match against Denmark.

“I’ve read stories about the Eagles (the nigerian national team, red.) visited nightclubs and drove in limousines during the world cup in France. I honestly do not anything about.”

“But what I do know is that a part of the players smuggled women into our landsholdslejr. I saw it for myself,” says Taribo West, who today is a pastor in Nigeria.

He tells that it was about african women who had fallen in love with the team due to ‘Superørnenes’ intoxicating performance in the group matches.

“So it was easy for these players to lure women up to their rooms.”

“And it was, therefore, that on the day could see that many of the players did not have the forces to slow down the Danish players. They were tired after having worked all night with the women.”

“I screamed at them inside on the track. I was very angry at them. They did it because they were convinced that we would beat Denmark,” explains the former Inter and AC Milan star.

Nigeria was storfavoritter to beat Denmark at the Stade de France in Paris. The team had impressed the great in the group matches with victories over Spain and Paraguay. While the danes had hutlet through the group stage with a win, a draw and a defeat.

But the african sent came already after a few minutes behind, when Peter Møller cash knocked the ball behind goalkeeper Peter Rufai after the fine process of Michael Laudrup. A quarter of an hour later could Rufai not hold Møller frisparksdrøn, and so could Brian Laudrup easy score to 2-0.

In the second half closed Ebbe Sand fight with the historic goal, where he seconds after being on as a substitute and scored on Michael Laudrups brilliant chip pass.

It evolved to pure Danish playgroup, when Martin Jørgensen serviced best-his classmate Thomas Helveg, which brought Denmark in the 4-0! Tijani Babangida was eventually allowed to dress up on the result for the nigerians.

Denmark smoke – as you all know – unfortunately out in the quarter-finals after a memorable 2-3 defeat to the reigning world champions from Brazil.